#sigrok one-liners

UART decode as is (text):
sigrok-cli -d fx2lafw -c samplerate=50k -C 0=tx -P uart:baudrate=9600 --continuous -B uart=rxtx

Arduino The-best-of-the-best-program (LED Blink) on digispark running, led blinking every 1 second (output attached):

[ilyxa@wombat ~]$ sigrok-cli -d fx2lafw -c samplerate=20k -P timing:data=0 -t 0=e -w --time 5s 
969.100 ms
968.100 ms
967.850 ms
968.300 ms
968.400 ms
[ilyxa@wombat ~]$

$Origin: www.sigrok.org. More to come…

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