Announces the Launch of ZF, a new Carl Zeiss lens range.

Я не могу пропустить такую новость (пришло по рассылке – все-таки никон):

Carl Zeiss AG · Camera Lens News · Issue 23 · January 2006

Dear Mr. Tyshchenko,

This issue of Camera Lens News is a very special one. It announces the launch of ZF, a new Carl Zeiss lens range. For the first time Carl Zeiss offers lenses which directly fit a world leading 35 mm SLR system, the one that, for half a century, has been the premier choice of demanding photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, all over the world: Nikon F. Analogue and digital!

In addition – maybe even more important – ZF is leading Carl Zeiss to a major change in its photo lens business plan: For the first time, Carl Zeiss will set up its own distribution organisation instead of delegating the selling of Carl Zeiss lenses to camera manufacturers. We are at the beginning of a very interesting future!

Stay with us through this exciting period and let us know what you think.


Kornelius Mueller

Camera Lens News No. 23:

Headlines Index:

[1] ZEISS Lenses for Nikon F Mount:…

[2] Questions about the new ZF:…

[3] How about the Future of Film:…

[4] New SLR with Contax/Yashica Mount:…

В сухом остатке – будут линзы по М-42 и переходники на другие системы. Цена – судя по всему – как и на топовые Никкоры. Когда можно увидеть, где – непонятно пока, но подождем.

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