Mrs. God

Mrs. God

[Music: A. Deris / Lyrics: A. Deris]

Mrs. God, am I right ?
That’s your real address ?
This time it’s you
Ready to confess ?
Free the masculine world
Cancel their humility

Mrs God, can it be ?
Can You be alike
One dressed to kill
This would state and explain
Why men are sometimes stumbling

Mrs God
Are You there
Laughing at us is not fair
Mrs God
Can You see
All that shit You’ve done to me (and us!)

Mrs. God, may I say
As wild card of my kind
We’re so deceived (yeah!)
You’d better left us blind

Mrs God, we are cool
We take it with a smile
But don’t be cruel
Let’s add it to the file
And in some 100 years
God has always had a beard

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