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SRSS 4.0 Add-ons

Here :

I have put together a set of handy add-on packages for SRSS 4.0.
These are easy to install and automatically configured components which deliver typically desired features.
The current set of Add-ons include:
– Remote Control Toolkit – Remote Control functions for all SRSS sessions based on VNC – Updated for SRSS 4.0
– Follow-Me Printing – Integrates the basic follow-me printing functionality
– Sun Ray Windows Connector Lockscreen – Provides “Lock-on-card-removal” function for uttsc sessions
– Kiosk Generic Session – Provides a blank X Canvas which will run the script given in the Arguments field of the Kiosk GUI
Future Add-ons in the works:
– ICA Kiosk Session – Complete, easy to install and configure ICA session. Including all .ini file manipulation. I’m almost done here. Need to fix a keyboard issue with Linux
– SRWC Advanced USB – Using the scrips provided by Daniel Cifuentes, this should simplify access to USB devices
– Kiosk Billboard – Provides an easy to use mechanism for using Sun Rays as electronic billboard devices.
All Add-ons are installed by running an script, and come with a detailed README.

шИИИкарно ! 🙂 Viva SunRay ! Viva Sun !