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( , здесь перевод – собственно , там лежит новая F/W для них ) .

Sun Ray 2N, all Sun Ray environment available plug-and-play devices. The server and client and software upgrades are required. New client for the Sun Ray Software version without having to depend on the features that can provide for excellent investment protection effect is expected.

ESSID stealth mode wireless LAN connection and supports VPN connection
Wireless LAN connection, the work area at nothing MOBAIRUSHINKURAIANTO the Sun Ray 2N is a new ESSID SUTERUSUMODO access points to connect, and support VPN connection.

This allows Sun Ray 2N, from the enhanced security environment in the wireless LAN can be used.

In this connection ESSID stealth mode, and supports VPN connection to the Sun Ray 2N need to update the firmware.

Japan Edition ? More links : , .
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