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OpenSolaris Project: Cluster Agent: OpenSolaris xVM


The aim of this project is to provide a failover agent for OpenSolaris x86 Virtual Manager (xVM) guest domains as part of the open-source code base for Solaris Cluster, namely Open High Availability Cluster (OHAC). It is intended that an OHAC failover agent for xVM guest domains will perform the following:

  • Manage the start/stop and restart of xVM guest domains within an OHAC environment.
  • Failover a xVM guest domain between OHAC nodes.
  • Allow for strong positive and negative affinities between xVM guest domains across OHAC nodes.
  • Allow for different failover techniques between OHAC nodes, i.e. Stop/Failover/Start or Live Migration.
Круто ! В xVM System Administration Information уже нарисовались забавные строчки – “Enable Live Migration” . А скоро (полагаю , быстрее , чем кажется – движение идет очень быстро !) – напишут и кластерного агента !