Nexenta OS – Nexenta Core Platform (NexentaCP) Release Candidate 2

Release Highlights
* OpenSolaris build 80+ (non-debug)
* Project integration: NWS, AVS, COMSTAR, in-kernel CIFS client
* apt-clone: ZFS-integrated safe upgrade via remote APT repository. Support for in-place (live) and safe upgrades
* Installer: multiple improvements
* Nexenta Zones: multiple improvements. Integrated automatic Zone upgrades
* Started using conventional Debian development cycle
* New web site, moved to .

Ну и не забываем про :

Nexenta Storage Appliance (NexentaStor) is a software based NAS that meets the current feature sets of the best of breed NAS, including unlimited snapshots, snapshot mirroring (replication), NFS v3/v4, CIFS, FTP, RSYNC/Amanda, SSH and easy management of extremely large storage pools. NexentaStor delivers richly featured software in the form of a software appliance that is trivial to install and easy to manage.

Качать-неперекачать 😉 (спасибо SPARK за безлимитку !!!)

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