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Sun Storage 7110 "Amber Road" . Про shell .

Шел есть . Как раз bash и есть . И я прямо не знаю – это хорошо или плохо .

jumbo-uss7110:> shell
Executing shell commands may invalidate your service contract. Continue? (Y/N)
Executing raw shell; "exit" to return to appliance shell ...


+-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+<br /> | You are entering the operating system shell. By confirming this action in   |<br /> | the appliance shell you have agreed that THIS ACTION MAY VOID ANY SUPPORT   |<br /> | AGREEMENT. If you do not agree to this -- or do not otherwise understand    |<br /> | what you are doing -- you should type "exit" at the shell prompt. EVERY     |<br /> | COMMAND THAT YOU EXECUTE HERE IS AUDITED, and support personnel may use     |<br /> | this audit trail to substantiate invalidating your support contract. The    |<br /> | operating system shell is NOT a supported mechanism for managing this       |<br /> | appliance, and COMMANDS EXECUTED HERE MAY DO IRREPARABLE HARM.              |<br /> |                                                                             |<br /> | NOTHING SHOULD BE ATTEMPTED HERE BY UNTRAINED SUPPORT PERSONNEL UNDER ANY   |<br /> | CIRCUMSTANCES. This appliance is a non-traditional operating system         |<br /> | environment, and expertise in a traditional operating system environment    |<br /> | in NO WAY constitutes training for supporting this appliance. THOSE WITH    |<br /> | EXPERTISE IN OTHER SYSTEMS -- HOWEVER SUPERFICIALLY SIMILAR -- ARE MORE     |<br /> | LIKELY TO MISTAKENLY EXECUTE OPERATIONS HERE THAT WILL DO IRREPARABLE       |<br /> | HARM. Unless you have been explicitly trained on supporting this            |<br /> | appliance via the operating system shell, you should immediately return     |<br /> | to the appliance shell.                                                     |<br /> |                                                                             |<br /> | Type "exit" now to return to the appliance shell.                           |<br /> +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+<br /> jumbo-uss7110#<br />