Неожиданно на Исаакиевской площади


_DSC0037.jpg _DSC0043.jpg

Я бы даже сказал – ВНЕЗАПНО – встретил товарища по хобби 🙂 Снимает площадь 🙂 Я получил мастер-класс по мультикоптерам, за что – спасибо 🙂

4 thoughts on “Неожиданно на Исаакиевской площади”

  1. Ruud says:

    Hi Ilya,

    the pleasure was mutual. Thanks for nice words.
    Nice pictures here, hope my Kopter will be able to compete with them (some day).

    best regards and have a great time in Piter,

    1. It was really nice to met you and your family with such kind of things like copter in so unsual place!

      Again, Thank you, Ruud!

  2. ameiji says:

    I bet local media have reported the beginning of alien invasion or smth.

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