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VBox manual startup w/o snapshot

Light (argh!) script with some common things for any other Guest OS’es.

Do-not-forget-post. Looks like one-liner is not possible in this case 😉

Host OS: Solaris 11.3.

Guest OS: Windows XP 32bit SP3 (VDI already created).

openssl is in use for generation uniq id’s for each fresh guest instance, bit overcomplicated (prefer to use *.lock file as best practice), but in my case this seems to be better way 😉

VDI images and Guest OS base directory is located in /storarray/global/vms. Every time guest OS is shutting down base folder removed too.

Same kind of scripting was used very long time ago in own Poor-Man-VDI project (looks like it works until now, surpise, for sure).

Also, for testing purposes, i’d prefer to use ZFS snapshots (in case of ZFS VBox snapshots looks too complicated task, heh), but thus not covered here.

… bitbucket link … Another example (partially) for ArchLinux_64:

        echo -n "VM attaching storage controller ." && VBM storagectl ${vmn} --name sata --add sata --controller IntelAHCI --portcount 4
        echo -n "VM attaching storage ." && VBM storageattach ${vmn} --storagectl sata --port 0 --type hdd --medium ${_storage}/${vmd}.vdi
        echo -n "VM settings ." && VBM modifyvm ${vmn} \
                --acpi on --hwvirtex on --nestedpaging on --cpus 1 \
                --chipset piix3 --nic1 nat --nictype1 82540EM --keyboard usb \
                --mouse usbtablet --audio none  --vrde off --usb on --usbehci on \
                --ioapic on --memory 1024 --natpf1 "guestssh,tcp,,2222,,22"