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RC RPM sensor YGE 120HV v4 vs HobbyWing 2-wire RPM Sensor

One picture with few words seems enough:
yge vs hobbywing

In common: 1 RPM = 1 Hz. Very simple, KISS rule in work 🙂

Blue: HobbyWing Sensor, voltage 3.3V (powered from CGY750 unit, small LDO, current less than 100 mA).

Yellow: YGE 120HV, voltage 5V (powered internally, seems important, Vamp is not voltage from BEC as I expected), pull-down resistor seems enough. Pin – Brown=Ground, Red=Signal, Yellow=i-have-no-idea-what-is-it, frequency is about 72 Hz, not changes with RPM, voltage or any else, very stable, this wire always shorted on ground in my setup:

ISDS205B have very nice Sweep mode of **DDS **– it’s fast enough (1 step in 10 ms), i can use RPM simulation and check some things with proactive govs in Futaba on the table without actual run, very nice feature!

That’s all, folks 😉