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RC NB Heli-X Joystick Calibration for Linux

Problem statement: HUGE deadzone with Heli-X Sim on NG ACE-RC (possible on any other input device).

Solution is here, carefuly read all about calibration process, jstest-gtk-git works fine for me, as described.

Write your own udev rules (in my case, /dev/input/js* changes time to time):

[ilyxa@wombat ~]$ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/97-acerc.rules
SUBSYSTEM=="input", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0c45", ATTRS{idProduct}=="70bd", ACTION=="add", RUN+="/home/ilyxa/bin/"                                                                                                                          [ilyxa@wombat ~]$

Script (make your own, this is VERY important, do not forget #!/bin/sh ;), also this is not good idea to run udev script from user writeable file):

[ilyxa@wombat ~]$ cat bin/
[[ $DEVNAME == \*"js"\* ]] && jscal -s 6,1,0,128,128,6882750,6882750,1,0,128,128,6882750,6882750,0,0,0,0,1,0,127,127,6972136,6795626,1,0,127,127,6972136,6795626 $DEVNAME
[ilyxa@wombat ~]$

That’s all, folks, now your heli is very aggressive and impressive as expected 😉