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Retro style: USB Type-C to Lenovo Round Connector / Ценителям старины: зарядный кабель USB Type-C для Lenovo X230

Возникла задача — чуточку увеличить автономность в полях для комплекта цифровой любительской связи (WSJT-X FT8/FT4):

Field Setup
Field Setup
SM-A515F @ 4.6mm at 2023-08-13 14:01:16 +0300 MSK — 1/100 s sec , ƒ/2 , ISO 40

NB: Z+Vf handy calculation, bonus: some theory about electrical cable length

Disclaimer: this is just hands-on lab for to clarify my knowledges about power lines, I do not pretend for any mathematical accuracy, any kind of “extended understanding” or so on. Just keep calm, be patient, read it ;)

Task: approximate and check some values (Z and Vf) in single “place”, script is self-sufficient and didn’t require any imports.

Instrument: DER EE DE-5000 RLC Meter, Hantek DSO2D15.