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Tag: Leopard

ZFS on MacOSX – latest bits

Свежее обновление – версия ZFS-111 .

Что пофиксили :

  • make mmap’d pages for zfs play nice
  • copyfile(3) fails on symlinks on ZFS
  • zfs send won’t die
  • No negative namecache for ZFS
  • zfs should tune the number of threads it initially generates
  • zio_checksum_sha256() incorrect if buffer size not a multiple of 64
  • zfs panic when swap file resides on zfs
  • Fix zfs build targets
  • need to fix Leopard only build target due to symbol change
  •  ZFS should remove its kqueue support
  • define MAX_UPL_TRANSFER for open source builds
Собственно .

Download here – .

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